Are Pork Rinds Keto?

Are Pork Rinds Keto?

March 24, 2021 3 min read


It’s a word that conjures up towering plates of bacon, cheese, and more meat. What’s not to like about a diet that gives you free reign to eat nearly all the fat and protein you want?

There’s a catch though.

Let’s be honest; anyone who’s attempted a keto, Atkins, or other low carb diet knows that carbs become the thing of dreams.

Carbs provide a crunchy, full-bodied texture in many foods that’s hard to replicate.

The most common feedback we hear about the keto diet is that its practitioners miss the crunch of potato chips, the breading on chicken nuggets, and the full-bodied crust of pizza dough.

To put it plainly: we all crave carbs.

Pork rinds have entered the keto chat.

Pork rinds are low carb (for real)

This is where things really start to get interesting.

While pork rinds are low carb, they actually have the crunch and full-body texture of a carbohydrate. Don’t believe us? Watch an ASMR-worthy recording that proves the crunchiness:

Even better, pork rinds can be crushed up and used as a breading in myriad recipes, such as chicken nuggets. Some folks even use ‘em to make keto pizza dough and bread.

So how low-carb are we talking? All of the pork rinds on have 1g or less of carbohydrates. For our strict paleo and keto friends, we even offer 0g carbohydrate varieties with pared-down seasonings.

Talk about a snack food unicorn!

Pork rinds and collagen protein

A cartoon dog flexes his muscles for a small boy

Collagen protein is a recent buzzword, but pork rinds have been packing it for as long as pigs have had snouts. In fact, one serving of pork rinds has approximately 8 grams of collagen protein.

That’s more protein than a handful of peanuts! It’s no surprise rinds are taking the center stage in Keto and LCHF diets. Some might even say its swine time *elbows ribs*.

Why collagen protein? Proponents argue that consumption of this protein contributes to increased muscle mass, skin elasticity, stronger bones, thicker hair, and healthy nails.

Heck, even bodybuilders can enjoy ‘em as a post-workout snack.

You hear that, beefcake?

Pork rinds are high in healthy fats

A turtle who happens to be a ninja offers a pork rind to another turtle who happens to be a ninja

No… “healthy fats” aren’t an oxymoron! In fact, the conversation surrounding fats has ebbed and flowed for decades. In the 90’s we saw low-fat foods flying off the shelves, but just like red pleather pants and tube tops, we’ve moved on.

Today, dietitians agree supplementing our diets with a moderate amount of unsaturated fats can keep our nutrition in check. The good news? Rinds check that box. So, go ahead. Indulge a little.

Navigating recipes on a keto or low-carb diet

A plate of pork rinds, a cup of whiskey, a salad with pork rinds on top, and a hungry reader

Ever have a crush? Us too. We’re crushing on crushed pork rinds.

Anywhere you’ve used breadcrumbs, croutons, or panko, our pork rinds will follow you on your (much easier) keto journey.

Craving chicken nuggets? Bread ‘em in pork rinds and fry ‘em.

Craving a pizza? Try our Keto Pizza Bites From Hog Heaven ... or use our rinds to make The Perfect Pork Rind Pizza Dough.

Have a sweet tooth? We've already crafted The Greatest Keto Dessert Ever.

Crushing them into a fine powder renders rinds an excellent way to makeover classics like Stuffed Mushrooms and Spaghetti and Meatballs or give new dishes a try. We have a hogload of ideas on our Hog Blog.

So next time someone asks you who your crush is, you know what to tell ‘em (and it’s not James Van Der Beek).

A teenager named Dawson is crying

Flavor, flavor and (again) flavor

Is flavor really that important? As a wise fan once put it, “Y’all, these are legit the first pork rinds I’ve ever loved! Thank you from my little Keto heart for this delicious snack!!!”

So, we’ll ask you, again. Is flavor really that important? Yes. And with each bacon-y bite, you’ll be wow’d. You might even be mystified like this rind lover: “I don’t know what magic you used to create these, but they are SO GOOD!!!”

Doug likes pork rinds and long walks in the rain

Where do I start my search for Keto and low-carb snacks?

We’re not here to teach you how to Google, but you found in a sea of unhealthy junk food! You must be doing something right.

As you search the world over for Keto-friendly snacks, let us be the ballast that keeps your hunger at bay (…and your hangry side at bay, too, for that matter). Boost your pantry with Keto snacks that are just a click away.

Wondering which type of rind is your match made in hog heaven? Have no fear, we’ve got a 100% satisfaction guarantee to take the worry out of your next order. Come on, Keto friends. Let’s shop our way into ketosis (😉).