Plenty of rinds
to go around

Croutons & Dips

Krutones marry chicharrones (pork rinds) and croutons.Ā They're the protein-rich, crunchy crouton alternative. Throw 'em on salads or soups to get a little collagen protein kick!

We cook our pork rinds to a crisp for a tasty pork rind dip. You take a crunchy pork rind chip, then you dip, we dip, bean dip. Youā€™ll get your tail all in a twist, when you try our tasty dip. Youā€™ll want more of our pork rinds, with calories so low youā€™ll snort your snout.

We make a pork and pinto dip, fresh veggies all in a whip. We make a pork and black bean dip, spicy flavor with a kick. You will be oinking like pig as you dig into our dip. Our great store full of pork rinds, with croutons and more youā€™ll oink real loud

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