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Italian Style Krutones

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Italian foods are traditionally chock full of carbohydrates, but we're here to flip Caesar on his head.

Meet Krutones, the world's first pork rind crouton! These crunchy chicharrones morsels are low-carb, rich in collagen protein, and tasty as all get out. Our fans love 'em so much that they no longer dream about bread-based croutons!

Et tu, Brute?


  • 2-ounce, resealable bags
  • 4¬†servings per container
  • Keto-friendly
  • 6g of collagen per serving
  • 8g of protein per serving
  • 0g carbohydrate per serving
  • 0g trans fat
  • Gluten-free


Pork Rinds, Salt, Spices (Including Basil, Marjoram, and Oregano), Dehydrated Parsley.

Nutrition Information

Customers love our rinds.

What’s so good
about Pork Rinds?

Besides the irresistible crunch factor, these snacks have a lot to offer. Satisfy your crunch craving with a bag of real pork skins today!

High Protein

Healthy & Satisfying

Low Carb

Great for Keto

High Fat

(The Good Kind)