The Ultimate Low Carb Keto BLT Chaffle Sandwich

The Ultimate Low Carb Keto BLT Chaffle Sandwich

February 09, 2022 2 min read

They’re popping up everywhere, and still we get asked, “What IS a chaffle?” When you make one of these fill-you-up, keep-you-going sandwiches with pork rinds… well, that’s a game changer!

Pretty crazy how keto-friendly pork rinds can take a traditional BLT sandwich from 0 to 100, right? They’re the low carb, high protein, bacon-y secret ingredient you never knew you needed until now. And if you accidentally fell into an internet hole and stumbled into our Hog Blog? Today’s your lucky day because we’re about to blow your food-loving mind with this absolutely delicious Keto BLT sandwich that is easy to cook and fun to eat. Unlike other recipes out there that replace the regular bread with lettuce or classic keto bread mixes, this yummy chaffle is made with the infamous paffle (aka pork rind waffle)!

Fun fact before we dive into the ULTIMATE BLT Chaffle Sandwich recipe: Pork Rinds can be crushed into a fine dust (and when we say “fine”, we mean “foin”) and used to replace traditional flour at a 1:1 ratio.

In case you wanted to try something new for lunch, this low carb version of the classic BLT sandwich with toppings like cooked bacon, mayonnaise, tomatoes, green onion and lettuce wraps will certainly impress you.

Scroll down to the recipe card for ingredient measurements and directions!


  • 2/3 cups mozzarella cheese, shredded (like your abs)
  • eggs
  • Keto-friendly oilwith a high burn point (we stan Avocado Oil)
  • All of your favorite BLT sandwich toppings (crispy bacon, iceberg lettuce, tomato slices, green onions, mayo, cheddar cheese, cream cheese, garlic, sour cream dressing, etc)
  • Salt to taste


  1. Preheat the waffle iron so it sizzllllllllesssssss (emphasis on the sizzle).
  2. Beat egg and mix well with crushed pork rinds and shredded cheese using a hand mixer. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s not the prettiest batter you’ve ever seen, but it’ll payoff. Keep reading.
  3. Grease waffle iron liberally. Pour batter into hot iron and keep cooking until golden brown.
  4. Assemble your Keto BLT sandwich like you’re the original Earl of (Pork Rind) Sandwich. Enjoy!
  5. If you don't serve this with a 5 stars appetizer with a side of rinds, we're probably not going to be friends.


10 minutes


2 servings

If you love BLT's, this gluten-free recipe is a dream come true. Finally, a keto twist on the traditional BLT minus the low carb bread as pork rinds have less than 1g of carbs per serving! Want more healthy recipes that taste good? Check our blog for delicious keto recipes you will definitely enjoy cooking and eating.