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Our family business has spent the last 65 years mastering the art of pork rinds. Why not share the best with Dear Ol' Dad?

This curated gift set includes 50+ servings of keto-friendly pork rinds and some of our most popular Dad Bod-approved flavors.

Impress Dad with our curated gift box. It includes 50+ servings of our most popular, crunchy chicharrones. made in the usa, satisfaction guarantee, and delivery by dad day!


  • Orders on or before 6/12/23 are guaranteed delivery by Father's Day + FREE SHIPPING ($6 value)!
  • The perfect gift for low-carb Dads everywhere
  • Over $30 worth of gourmet pork rinds, including our top-selling flavors:
    • Salt & Pepper, 4oz (8 servings)
    • Pasilla Chili Cheese, 4oz (8 servings)
    • Pineapple & Ancho Chile, 4oz (8 servings)
    • Classic Bar-B-Que, 4oz (8 servings)
    • Habanero, 6oz (12 servings)
    • Italian Krutones, 2oz (4 servings)
    • Butter & Garlic Krutones, 2oz (4 servings)
  • Free handwritten greeting card (while supplies last)
  • Keto and low-carb diet-friendly
  • Gluten-free
  • Enough collagen to make Dad's hair shine!


Varies, based on individual items.

Nutrition Information

Varies, based on individual items.

Customers love our rinds.

What’s so good
about Pork Rinds?

Besides the irresistible crunch factor, these snacks have a lot to offer. Satisfy your crunch craving with a bag of real pork skins today!

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Great for Keto

High Fat

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