Best Pork Rinds

Best Pork Rinds

July 22, 2022 6 min read

Pork rinds are a delicious and healthy snack option that is high in protein and low in carbs. There are many different brands and varieties available, so it can be tough to find which ones to buy when you’re feeling hungry. But don't worry, because we've done the research for you and compiled a list of the best pork rinds on the market.

1.'s keto-friendly pork rinds are the perfect snack for those on a keto diet. They are high in protein, low in carbs, gluten-free, and have no added sugar, making them a healthier option than many other snacks on the market. offers them various flavors, including salt & pepper, pasilla chili cheese, pineapple ancho chile, Korean kimchi, bbq, spicy dill, and more. It also has samplers of all the different options if you can’t decide which flavor to get!

2. Korean Kimchi BBQ Fried Pork Rinds

Korean kimchi is a popular flavor of pork rinds thanks to its sweet and spicy taste that adds vibrancy to the snack food. Southern Recipe Small Batch seasons its pork rinds with hot peppers, vinegar, and garlic, making them as flavorful as possible.

The pork rinds are gluten-free and high-protein; plus, they have 30-40% less sodium than traditional options. This allows sodium-conscious snackers to experience the flavor and texture of pork rinds — without the guilt. The pork rinds are crispy and large, too, making every bite worth it.

3. Southern Recipe Small Batch

Southern Recipe Small Batch perfectly balances health-consciousness and bold flavors with its pork rinds. These pork rinds are sure to be satisfying and come in desirable flavors like Korean bbq, spicy dill, pasilla chili cheese, pineapple & ancho chile, and sea salt & cracked black pepper.

While those flavors might sound fatty, you’ll be happy to learn that the brand prides itself in producing pork rinds that are low sugar, low sodium, low carbs, gluten-free, high protein, and keto-friendly. A healthy snack doesn’t have to sabotage its flavor, and Southern Recipe Small Batch delivers on taste. 

4. Southern Recipe

Southern Recipe is a tried and tested brand producing high-quality pork rinds since the 1950s. Its two-step process (a secret, by the way) creates flavorful and healthy pork rinds free of sugar, carbs, trans-fat, and gluten.

The brand’s flavors are simple but well-loved, from its original pork rinds that allow you to cherish the natural pork taste to its hot & spicy option with a strong chili pepper kick. Also on the roster is the chili & lime option, which is a nod to tangy Southern flavors.

5. Pepe’s El Original

Before pork rinds became famous in the United States, they were already a popular snack food in Mexico. The Mexican variation of pork rinds, called chicharrones, is all about the loud and satisfying crunch from every bite. Pepe’s El Original pork rinds are nostalgic of traditional Mexican pork rinds but with a more flavorful twist.

The brand serves them in the following flavors: traditional, habanero, and Chile y Limon. It also has an “Estilo Casero Gigante” line, which features more servings than the regular bag. Pepe’s El Original chicharrones are gluten-free and low in carbohydrates, making them friendly for keto dieters.

6. Lee’s Pig Skins

If you’re not a fan of flavored pork rinds and are after the natural pork taste, then Lee’s Pig Skins is the brand for you. It offers premium pork rinds and cracklins that are all-original with minimal seasoning that preserves the pork skin’s raw taste.

Some options are crispy curls seasoned with red pepper; seasoned strips, which have a slight bacon taste; and original options, such as seasoned dipper and dipper cracklins that are shaped to scoop your choice of dip.

7. Epic Artisanal Oven Baked Pork Rinds

Baked pork rinds are healthier than deep-fried ones because they don’t require added oil, sodium, and fat. Epic Artisanal specializes in producing oven-baked pork rinds with 40% less fat compared to other market options.

They come in a couple of different flavors, including BBQ, cracklin maple bacon, pink Himalayan salt, and chili lime. The latter is their best seller, which combines the flavors of three different peppers: chili, jalapenos, and paprika.

However, we want to note that each bag comes with fewer servings than competitors. So, we recommend buying in bulk, so you don’t run out of Epic Artisanal pork rinds to snack on.

8. UTZ Pork Rinds Barrel

UTZ offers pork rinds in a barrel of over 36 servings for those prepping snacks for a party or who don’t want to run out of a pork rinds supply. This brand also makes pork rinds without extra seasoning and dips.

UTZ Pork Rinds Barrels are affordable. And while that might seem like a good thing, it also means some compromises on quality, texture, and taste.

9. Field Trip Crispy Cuts Pork Rinds

Field Trip makes crispy pork rind cuts seasoned with various spices and herbs. It has some flavored options, from sweet island BBQ and sweet chipotle to parmesan peppercorn.

The brand’s pork rinds are made of natural ingredients and gluten-free, making them an alternative to regular chips when you get snacky. However, the flavors are an acquired taste. They’re a bit unusual, and Field Trip doesn’t offer the usual flavors like BBQ, cheese, and salt and pepper.

10. 4505 Meats Classic Chili & Salt Chicharrones

4505 Meats creates pork rinds inspired by the Mexican variation, chicharrones. It uses pig belly and back skin as the superstar ingredients, ensuring more flavorful pork rinds. It also removes the fat during cooking to make the chips less greasy and crunchy.

The classic chili & salt flavor is a crowd favorite, their most popular flavor, seasoned with chilies, palm sugar, and sea salt. But there is a lack of other flavors here, so you don’t have many options. Further, each pack costs over $20, which is quite steep considering the small serving.

11. Pork King Good Pork Rinds

Pork King Good’s pork rinds aim to elevate the taste of pork by adding the most common seasonings to compliment the natural flavor. The brand has pork rinds flavored with pizza, white cheddar, salted butter, pink salt and vinegar, nacho cheddar, and onion and cream.

There are a wide variety of flavors, but that’s not to say that each flavor is good. Consumers say that some options were bland, which is probably the consequence of Pork King trying to make the snack healthier and diet-friendly.

12. Lowrey’s Bacon Curls Microwave Pork Rinds

Lowrey’s offers something unique from the other brands on this list with microwave pork rinds. Because you prepare it before eating, you enjoy your pork rinds hot while they’re at their crunchiest and freshest.

This also allows you to get the full flavor of the pork rinds, which can be either classic or spicy. But of course, there are limitations to microwave pork rinds. While you can prepare them in under two minutes, this also means you can’t have them if you aren’t home and have no access to a microwave. They also scorch easily and can be difficult to cook perfectly.

13. Outstanding Foods PigOut Pigless Pork Rinds

While pork rinds are good snack options for those on a low-carbohydrate diet, they’re not exactly fat-free. Since they are made of pig skin, they’re not suitable for vegans or plant-based eaters. But the good news is that pork rinds are not entirely off the table for these people, thanks to pigless pork rinds.

PigOut Pigless makes a vegan and plant-based pork rind imitation made primarily of rice and pea protein. They aim to taste like pork without the fat and salt. Of course, you should go in with realistic expectations. The texture and taste will be more akin to potato chips than pork rinds. They are also high in carbohydrates. This one is certainly an acquired taste, as they can’t accurately simulate the real thing. 

A Final Word

Pork rinds can be a nutritious snack option for people looking for an alternative to traditional unhealthy snacks like chips or candy. Now that you have the best pork rinds on this list, the only thing left to do is to find what you like and get some for yourself!